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"Ireland, a large island of Europe, W of Great Britain, between lon. The face of the country is level; it is well watered with lakes and rivers, and the soil, in most parts, good and fertile.

long and 160 broad, and containing 19,436,000 acres divided up into 4 provinces; Ulster N, Leinster E, Munster S, and Connaught to the W, and subdivided into 32 counties. The climate is in general more temperate than that of other countries in the same latitude; at the same time it is much more inclined to moisture ...

Although the Scottish traditional of wearing the tartan is more generally recognised, there is a school of thought that the Scots roots are the scoti who emigrated from Ireland to Scotland taking the tartan with them.

What is now established is that Tartan weaving is far older than had been previously thought, and has been found on Celtic mummies dating back over 3000 years.

These tartans clearly travelled as the Celts began their migration across Europe, taking not only their distinctive dress but their music as well.

There has been an increasing demand for those of Irish descent to wear tartan, and this site has been set up to assist those people.

The people of Northern Ireland hold various national identities; including Irish, Northern Irish, British, or some combination thereof.

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