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Verify that you have sufficient privileges to stop system services.Severity: Error Error Code: 0x C0070643 Error Message: General internal error.The message is continuing to pop are you trying to do when you get this error message? The message itself is telling you that AVG setup or update is currently running, therefore it will only allow (1) instance of it to run, not multiple. All it does is, goes to webpage and asks me to buy one.

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I installed the "Ultimate" program, but only the free version of the software was installed.

From the link below I notice I will not be able to push out the new licenses with the console as they have now expired and I will need some other License Update tool to do the job.

Is it possible for someone to provide me access to this tool?

And their FAQ's/forum might provide some additional insight with respect to a fully meaning of the error code (Error Code: 0x C0070643).

Without uninstalling the version that was insisting on a license activation, and without installing from links to the complete Avira file download, I went to this page: and downloaded this min-file and installed it on top of the program..it updated my installation and voila -it now work perfectly.

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