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The social experiment known as #White Man Summer16 (now called “Dates of Our Lives”) was a 10 month–long journey in my attempt to find black love. Black guys who overdress and wear wool hats year round? Cole’s discography and sought to do something about it.(Black like works too.) After nine years in NYC without much more than a look from a brotha, I had almost a year to really put myself out there. Ok Cupid was our first foray into online dating, and after rejoining five years later, it’s weirder than ever. : The socially awkward, kinda geeky, and super creepy rule the land.

The most popular of the bunch, Tindz is the quick and easy, down and dirty app. CMB is for all of the women sick of creepwave-esque messages that Ok Cupid lets land in your inbox all willy nilly. #No Fox Boogie Type of Rela: Guys with a clear future careerwise are usually out here for a woman they can be serious with.

I have thought long and hard about writing this, should I shouldn’t I, am I giving away the secrets I need and in doing so will I render them useless and subject myself to a sexual desert?

Nope, that was never on the cards, simple supply and demand, this approach does not rely on or require secrecy or hidden knowledge in any way, on the contrary, I am writing this because I think it may be instructive and useful, and being a personal and anecdotal tale, it should sound more real and doable than some Game check-list.

There was a 2-year period where she decided she was single and was dating other men, although she didn’t inform me at the time. I couldn’t escape the feeling that something wasn’t right. All of my efforts to help, save and rescue were ultimately taken for granted and never appreciated.

I happened to find out when one of her friends ratted her out. I was still bothered by the way she treated me back in college. I was the only guy she had ever been with and she was in college. It is far better to be wanted then needed, and those seem to be mutually exclusive conditions. I believe ones character is measured by how they treat others, even those who treat them poorly.

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    Where religion itself is not the most important thing with the individual, all reasoning upon it must indeed degenerate into strifes of words, _vermiculate_ questions, as Lord Bacon calls them--such, namely, as like the hoarded manna reveal the character of the owner by breeding of worms--yet on no questions may the light of the candle of the Lord, that is, the human understanding, be cast with greater hope of discovery than on those of religion, those, namely, that bear upon man"s relation to God and to his fellow.

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