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Participating teams are currently limited to 4 players per team with a total of 20 teams per event.

After teams have signed up for a Play Test, please nominate one team leader to represent and join the official Auzom discord server.

The Auzom PUBG events will run initially as 4 man teams following the default game mode currently in vanilla PUBG.

Registered teams are expected to play the matches with the current default day and time being Sundays at 20.00 CET (and CEST in Daylight Saving Time) for Europe and Americas.

Teams are expected to show up 30 mins before the match goes live with team leaders being present and ready to receive the password(s) for the match lobby on Discord.

For Sign-up windows please check Twitter @auzom_gg or the announcements channel on Auzom's discord server.

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