Geek dating 101 men dating much younger women

That’s good news to you, the owner of a geek dating website. Indeed, people like Thomas Lennon’s character in 17 Again are no longer a hyperbole. Or anywhere else outside the set of the latest Sylvester Stallone’s movie.So basically, by setting up a geek site you’ll score anyway.If you follow and apply the flirting, seduction, and social techniques that I am about to share with you, you too can crack the code and will start attracting hot looking women into your life soon.I am sure that you have noticed the hot looking women going out with short, unattractive, and ordinary looking men.Have you ever wondered why the bad boys get all the girls and the nice guys finish last?

Geeks Meet, Geek 2 Geek, Soul Geek, Sweet on Geeks, Nerd Passions, Geek Love, etc., And then there’s Geek is Single, which openly states on the front page that it’s a site, “Where the girls chase the geeks”.

Even if your date isn’t what you were expecting, flash your dazzling smile and keep up the flow of conversation. You could talk about sports, but it might be wise to avoid politics on a first date.

Another way to find potential conversation topics is through social networks.

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