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When addictive walked in the whole restaurant went quiet, stopped eating with forks suspended in mid-air and stared open mouthed at bthe 2 glamorous ladies that had just walked was a hilarious sight to observe as they were clearly trying to work out if it was Destinys Child or The Saturdays LOL! I ordered my (and Mariahs) favourite-the squab with iceberg lettuce.Daily Brunch followed a similar format of Sunday Brunch, with cookery and interviews with celebrity guests. Justin Bieber actually does have a song featuring Wu Tang Clan's very own Raekwon The Chef and Kanye West! So it's true Justin Bieber is really singing over Wu Tang's classic "Wu Tang Aint Nothin To Fuck With".After convincing the addictive ladies it wasn’t pigeon but diced chicken –they joined me in wrapping up the little parcels of heaven and devouring.We finished with black cod-which is better in Nobu and gossiped about all things fabulous.

Every song was executed as if performing in an auditorium for thousands. My debut was 11 yrs ago and was entitled “Untitled”. Now through all the hurdles and different situations I put myself through to get here , I believe I’m entitled to be here.The show runs live for three hours, including advertisements, which is 90 minutes longer than Something for the Weekend at the end of its run.Each programme features: Simon Rimmer cooking with Tim Lovejoy and the week's guests; highlights from television and film; interviews with guests; drink tasting with an expert, usually Rebecca Seal; a trend round-up segment with an expert; and the 'Sunday Brunch Playlist', which is a selection of music videos chosen by the presenters and guests.Unlike the old Breakers Chart, which was numbered 1 to 10, the BPI decided to number these records 76-100, to create the illusion of the existance of a top 100.It's worth noting too that this "next 25" had existed in list form since 1981, though the records were listed alphabetically rather than numerically and there were stricter exclusion rules (and this list was published in Record Mirror too).

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