Dating milestones

Harry's best friend, Tom Inskip, is set to marry in Jamaica in March, and it's looking like Meghan will be Harry's date.It's likely to be pretty secluded so even arrivals would be private, but inside the wedding Meghan would be meeting Harry's whole extended friend group.You’re watching for key red flags such as a violent temper, lack of listening skills or a complete disregard for your side of the story.Your first argument could be about anything: they’re still talking to their ex, they bailed on important plans, or they acted inappropriately around your friends.

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To avoid this type of “revolving door relationship” the following 8 relationship milestones shouldn’t all be achieved closely together, but instead crossed off at the appropriate times.The data show that couples who slid through their relationship transitions ultimately had poorer marital quality than those who made intentional decisions about major milestones.How couples make choices matters.” As always, just because you fucked a stranger on the first date, moved in two weeks later and are happy together twenty years later doesn’t mean that this is a prototypical healthy relationship paradigm.Meeting the queen will be next in protocol, and Harry will be very keen for Meghan to meet his grandmother sooner rather than later.Although it took several years of dating before Kate Middleton and Chelsy Davy met the queen (five years and four years respectively), the princes were much younger then, and relationships took more time to take root or burn out.

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