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In particular to hip-hop, which runs through our veins. Diplo got his start here, way back when he was our friend DJ Wes, and he threw amazing parties called Hollertronix, then one day MIA showed up to sing. We have a high concentration of colleges and universities. And we're also history buffs, though I still haven't seen the Liberty Bell since fifth grade.3. Now that I gave the definition away, just be sure to use the word frequently.4. If you dunk your soft pretzel in the water ice, you get extra points for acting local. Wawa also has the best hoagies (subs), cheesesteaks, and soft pretzels: our diet staples.7. Tourists go to Pat's or Geno's — they are delicious and taste pretty much the same, but, you can get a good steak almost anywhere, like Wawa! My favorite is the vegan cheesesteak, which is easy to find in Center City. You need to be a beach person if you're going to want to spend any time with me in the summer. We like it right here — it's smaller, there are tons of transplants, and it's cozy and diverse. I'm a Philly jawn, and I want to be referred to that way. (Hint: Swipe the package on your jeans a few times.) Walk with us to get a water ice at Rita's (pronounced wooder ice). Not that we won't duck into Starbucks if necessary, but come free coffee day, bring me a 24-ounce salted caramel-flavored coffee from Wawa and I will love you forever.Christina turned to the Bushwick Bright Start program that was in her community.For most of Asha’s adult life, she had a steady job and roof over her head.I’m gonna be happy for you regardless.’” And that has been her experience inside the WNBA, despite persistent rumors about the league’s alleged unfriendliness to gay players, or outward homophobia.Zellous says she had “absolutely no” qualms about being out to teammates and fans since joining the league in 2009. I couldn’t care less what you say about me,” she says.

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You can be who you are, no matter what they say, no matter how bad they talk about you. I know we have crazy people out there doing crazy things, but I really never look into it like that.A few years ago, she experienced a whirlwind of life events that seemed to go from bad to worse.While Asha had little control over much of her life, her shelter was in the neighborhood of a MIC Women’s Health Service Center.Liberty Aldrich oversees the planning and implementation of the Center's Domestic Violence initiatives.This includes providing technical assistance to domestic violence courts, integrated domestic violence courts, family courts, and sex offender programs across the country. Aldrich provides legal support to the Center's director, senior management team, and program directors on contract, personnel, real estate, and compliance issues. Aldrich was the director of legal services at Safe Horizon, where she represented domestic violence victims in family and supreme courts and federal immigration proceedings, in addition to supervising staff attorneys and program development. Aldrich is the co-founder and a current director of Legal Information for Families Today, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to informing New Yorkers about their legal rights in family court.

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