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Alexander Hamilton was convinced he had a good life.

He had a beautiful wife, who loved him with all her heart, and he loved her too.

-Used drugs illegaly (exposed) -Knew Lyndon James was after her (exposed to The Liars) -Had a secret website called (exposed) -Is bisexual (exposed to The Liars and Pam Fields) - Was somehow involved with Noel Kahn Maya Anne St. They kissed at a party, but Emily started to push Maya away, not yet ready to embrace being gay.

She and Emily began to bond, and the two soon began to develop romantic feelings for each other.

However, when Emily discovered that Maya was doing drugs again, they fought, and Maya ran away, eventually going missing. It was later revealed she was staying at the Kahns' cabin to hide from her ex-boyfriend, Lyndon James, who was stalking her from rehab, who killed her for choosing Emily over him.

Whip me into a frenzy with the direct control panty vibe, and then I'll fuck myself with some degree of creativity. It works as follows: It runs as long as there are tips in the jar. I leave it to you seeing my expressions to think about what that feels like.

I get bored with asking for tips, and I want to be more of a free-form creative showperson rather than a coin-operated peep show. So I, with a little coding help from Purpletail and Almostflammable, and my wishlist mavens buying gear for me, I made a sex toy that is directly controlled by tipping. It's a panty vibe that is controlled by an arduino micro, a 433m Hz transmitter, and a python script. Max level is pretty insane, it sounds like a swarm of horny bees. And, I might point out, before everyone bought a sex machine, I BUILT one!

so:1-99 tokens is level one100-199 tokens is level on. Currently, we're completed the first version of a microprocessor (arduino) internet tip-run controller for sex toys project, which is hard.

My Mom is a widow and got cancer, so I moved back to help her out. No, she doesn't know I cam porn, I tell her I'm doing performance art and blacksmith tutorials. I've made fuck machine out of a Kitchenaide mixer, a leg-spreading obligatory fuck bar, and a a tentacle monster Cock Cthulhu Sexoctopus fuck toy (which is in an interim stage).

I'm a homoflexible queer lesbian, kinky and perverse, and I generally have some sort of project going on.

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