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A good user interface is more than just having a ton of cool looking add-ons.

It needs to be functional, it needs to not take up all the screen real estate and it has to be cool to look at as well.

The plugin makes use of the HP Lights-Out XML scripting interface. Install the PERL modules Nagios:: Plugin, IO:: Socket:: SSL and XML:: Simple.

HP provides some PERL scripting samples: check_ilo2_-H host -u username -p password Additional options: -e: plugin ignores "syntax error" messages in the XML output. Copy the plugin to your nagios plugin directory and make sure that the nagios user can execute it.

I mean when we change the default UI, we do it because we are looking for functionality we didn’t get in the default UI, but to some extent we want it to look better right?

With this I can keep abilities that aren’t used much in combat (mounts, bags, menu buttons, and in my case dps abilities) on my bars but have them invisible until I mouse over them.I prefer, no, scratch that, I LOVE the X-Perl Unit Frames UI addon.The changes it implements, on the surface, seem relatively minor, but there is a ton of power lurking under the hood.Having all the information I need on-screen and placing somewhere easily visible (but without causing unnecessary clutter) helps a lot with my awareness and reaction times.I need to make sure my UI tells me everything I need to know.

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