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Do you know if I can get Excel to query API and return data?

Maybe there is another option that I am not aware of that might work also?

Hi All, I have an Excel workbook that contains 30 tabs with the Userface as shown in the photo. Do the users save their workbooks on their local machines or a network location? Are there multiple workbooks per user when you go to compile the data for your stats? Tooltip Text = "Print the currently displayed Vehicle" . On Action = "Print_It" End With Set ctrl = new Menu.

The data from each tab is compiled in the Data tab as shown in the photo as well. PNG mrwowery, Welcome to the Lounge as a new poster! Any other data you can provide on the process would be most helpful in making suggestions.

It provides one long string of data, but it's a start. The ICP number is a named range in Excel and replace "KEY" with your individual authorisation token. Open "GET", my URL, Falsewin Http Request Header "Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key", "KEY"win Http Req.sendresult = win Http Req.response Text I've put together a spreadsheet that works in Excel for Windows that downloads one ICP's details and populates cells with the following parameters with good consistency: ICP, Unit, Number, Street, Suburb, Town, Region, Post Code, Network, GXP, Reconciliation Type, Generation, Fuel, Network Price Category, Loss Factor, Trader, MEP, Profile, AMI flag.

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However it appears this is only generated once the ICP has been run through form at least once.

2 - API The API appears cool, but I have no experience with these data sources and have has little luck online.

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