Rainie yang and joseph chang dating

She starred in many popular idol dramas, released well-known tracks, and even crowned Golden Bell's Best Actress last year.To have a fresh new start, she decides to cut off her nearly 100CM long hair. Rainie could not sleep the days before cutting her hair, worrying fans might like this big change. She even jokes that it is very easy to wash and blow dry her hair now.I just happen to have not seen any of his previous dramas or movies.In actual fact I am relatively new to actors/actresses/dramas and movies from Mainland China, I admit to not having watched many.“What happens when a marriage planner, Fei Luo Luo and online love specialist, Lu Zhe Xi encounter where the former provides marriage planning service and the latter, tries to break up the same couple?Since young, Luo Luo has hoped to have an unforgettable and perfect wedding planned by her.

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every Sunday at and cable TV SET Metro (三立都會台) from 23 April 2011, every Saturday at .

Love You was nominated in 2011 for four awards at the 46th Golden Bell Awards, including Best Actor for Joseph Chang, Best Director in a Television Series for Ming-chang Chen and Best Television Series.

Besides changing her hair style for her 10-years anniversary in the showbiz, Rainie also hopes this new look can attract more 'peach blossom.' Been single for 4 years, the singer/actress longs to be loved and she even tried 'blind dating.' She had a dinner date with someone not in the showbiz 2 months ago but their progress to becoming a couple reaches a dead end because her status as an artiste.

Her fans recognized her during the dinner and kept asking for autographs.

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