18 yr old dating a 26 yr old

I have a 16 year old daughter living with Father, Father has been letting a 10 year older man date her the last 2 years, she is now going to have a baby by the 26 year old. Legally, if the father somehow encouraged an underager to be with an adult, and knew they were sexually involved, then he has contributed to the deliquency of a minor and is guilty as an accomplice to statutory rape, I'd think. In a few years a 10 year age difference will not be a big deal. My grandmother was 18 years younger than her husband. Father allowed her to date, what did he think was going to happen?

Her father wants to press charges agaist the 26 year old. HELP Mary8877Join Our Free Singles and Take The Parenting Bible Quiz --- I wonder what happened that the family was split up and the mother not at home at a time when a girl really needs her mother. So, if he thinks criminal charges need to be filed . Mike, the 16 year old's mother is the one who asked the original question and she states that the daughter (who, by now, will be 19) lived with her father at the time.

This graph is an intuitive explanation of the rule.

It is symmetric about y=x, which means it doesn't distinguish between which gender you use for which axis.

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The intersection of these two regions - the green region is an area where all points representing the couples ages are compatible.

I would suggest that you wait until you are 18, which you seem to be doing already. It will probably be difficult to deal with certain aspects of the age difference (i.e.

maturity, experience, interests, etc.), but not impossible.

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