Is john cena dating kelly kelly

He showed an early affinity towards weight lifting at age 12.

Cena attended private boarding school for high school and, after graduation, competed in bodybuilding contests.

Wrestlers usually stick to their own because they travel the world 300 plus days a year which means they have very little free time to go out and meet new people.

Wrestlers also rarely have time for their families which means they often find comfort in the arms of other men, which makes it simpler when wrestlers join the business before they are married or start families.

My top two are definitely Wrestle Manias 17 and 19, but after that it’s some combination of Royal Rumble 2000, Summer Slam 2002 and this show. I wrote a live review when it took place six years ago, so I don’t need to re-write anything. Cole had to explain it because Lawler obviously never watches Smackdown. Powerbomb off the apron through the ladder that was bridged between the ring and the announce table! Chicago, you are one of my favorite wrestling crowds. It’s nice to see hard working, talented people get rewarded for their work despite the fact that they’re not the biggest guys on the card. This year’s Money in the Bank PPV should be remembered for a lot of reasons. However, I think ultimately it will be remembered as one of the best PPVs that WWE has ever had. We have major reasons to watch WWE TV this week and into the build into Summer Slam. The two negatives would be the Divas Title and Henry/Show, but it didn’t hurt the show that much at all. Check out the archive RIGHT HERE and enjoy this look back at one of WWE’s most important events.

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Not only is it the best Money in the Bank PPV ever, but I think it’s among the five best WWE PPVs ever. The opening video package focused on the Punk/Cena/Mc Mahon storyline with Punk doing the infamous promo in Vegas in late June and the story that Punk may leave with the WWE Title without a contract. Cole mentioned that six of the eight guys haven’t appeared in a MITB match. Sin Cara hits a picture perfect Spanish Fly off the top rope on Daniel Bryan. Booker keeps talking about his “Fave Five” that you hear about Smackdown. It will draw a lot of interest to Raw going forward and it will make us wonder when Punk will be back because obviously there has to be some kind of deal in place. It made Henry look like a scary guy to take out Big Show the way that he did. CM Punk WWE Champ Christian World Champ Daniel Bryan MITB Winner ADR MITB Winner = Collective internet joygasm. The main event was amazing with an even better ending to the show while both Money in the Bank matches were very good. Orton was a pretty good match with another great post match segment. That means all month long, TJRWrestling’s John Canton will post a review of every Summer Slam and it will carry into September too.

His Marriage And Divorce John Cena was married man.

It's not something that WWE mentioned very often because frankly it's relevant when it comes to wrestling storylines.

Nice double team ladder move by Slater & Gabriel as they crushed it into Sin Cara’s face. The former Corre guys took down Kane from climbing followed by preventing attempts by Kane, Rhodes & Bryan. Rhodes and Barrett each try to climb, but Cody takes him out with the Cross Rhodes. The announcers don’t even mention them or the chant. Kane hits chokeslams on Barrett & Gabriel at the 15 minute mark. Slater takes out Bryan, then Barrett prevents Slater from winning. Barrett climbs up, Cody brings him down and clotheslines him out. Bryan fights off Wasteland with about ten elbows that draw a massive pop. That image of Punk leaving with the WWE Title through the crowd will be everlasting. The injury spots during the match are okay because they put over the physicality of these matches. It was only five minutes, though, so it’s not enough for me to bring down the entire three hour show.

Announce team is the trio of Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Booker T. The participants in the match: Sin Cara, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Justin Gabriel, Cody Rhodes, Heath Slater, Daniel Bryan & Kane. It’s hard to do play by play for it, but I’ll try to hit on the key spots. To this point, ten minutes in, there weren’t too many ladder climbs. Awesome spot as Sheamus puts Bryan on his shoulders, Kane hits a top rope clothesline and the crowd chants “LOD” in honor of Chicago’s famed Legion of Doom/Road Warriors team that was just inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. He’s very solid as a worker and his timing in the ring is very good. Kane chokeslams Sheamus off the ladder onto a ladder that was bridged from the turnbuckle to the second stop on the ladder. Rhodes hits his Beautiful Disaster kick on Kane, Barrett hits Wasteland and Gabriel hits a 450 Splash off a ladder that was stretched across the top rope. He was only about five inches than he would be on the top rope. Then he hits power moves to take Bryan & Rhodes out. The ending was great too with Bryan fighting off Barrett and Rhodes for the win. The combination of the hot Chicago crowd and epic wins for some of my favorites like CM Punk, Christian, Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio will make this one of the most memorable PPVs they’ve ever had. The finish got botched a bit because Del Rio wasn’t supposed to fall off his ladder, but it’s hard to plan things like that when you’re 12-15 feet in the air.

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