Validating forms using vbscript updating tvants

A regular expression could check entry and accept either. (I can't tell you how many forms I've filled out that don't tell you until you guess wrong! If the form will only be filled out once by the user and there are only a couple of numbers, it doesn't really matter which format you pick.I would strip the formatting out before storing it in the database. If a lot of phone numbers are going to be entered by each user, I'd lean towards unformatted entry.Net control's values in variables so it cannot be repeated again and again in our function the email Exp variable holds the pattern of the email id in the form of a regular expression.Now add the condition to ensure that all controls have a value, if the values are not entered in the form control then it will show a message.

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Other times you need to ensur e simply that the correct data type is entered; and still other times you need to make sure a user's input conforms to a certain standard (such as telephone numbers, social security numbers, etc.). Let us say that you are wanting to collect information from your users about how they rate your site.If you are unfamiliar with Java Script, then this may not be the best article for you, since we will supply mostly just code samples here.For Java Script newbies, you may wish to check out other articles on this site, or you can always visit Netscape's Java Script Site or Microsoft's Java Script Site.The complaint I receive most often is "I don't like typing anything but numbers" or "It should know where to place those parens and spaces, etc.regardless of what I type." Thanks, David You can be flexible and allow formatted and unformatted entry.

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