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Alford plea on the charge of aggravated assault in exchange for the armed robbery charges being dropped.

An Alford plea means the defendant enters a guilty plea, but maintains his innocence.

Presiding Judge John Niedrach, disagreed with their verdict however.

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Viewing Location: -----Viewing Date and Time: Incomplete Funeral Location: Leevy's Funeral Home, Taylor Street Chapel Funeral Date and Time: Saturday, 08/05/2017, a.m.

Interment Location: Incomplete To my family, we will miss Van and think of him often.

Michael is all about working together, sharing networks and resources to solve problems.

-- The Lucky Lotto on Shorter Avenue is surrounded by broken concrete and weeds. The ripples of the crime that happened here continue to wreak havoc in one man's life. The area behind the counter isn't covered by one of the store's four camera angles.

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Police say the store was so dirty, they couldn't take fingerprints.features today’s most active private donors, public foundations, corporate funders, individual philanthropists, and government funders who are committed to creating a more generous world.This informative, fast-paced, and high-energy show celebrates the joy of giving and highlights humanitarian heroes.Then all obedient mankind will live forever on a paradise Earth, Psalm ,29.Please go to our website at org for more comforting information on the resurrection. May you receive comfort from the word of God during this time of loss.

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