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The pioneers of photography in the Philippines were Western photographers, mostly from Europe.

The practice of taking photographs and the opening of the first photo studios in Spanish Philippines, from the 1840s to the 1890s, were driven by the following reasons: photographs were used as a medium of news and information about the colony, as a tool for tourism, as an instrument for anthropology, as a means for asserting social status, as an implement for historical documentation, as a device for communication, as materials for propaganda, and as a source of ideas for illustrations and engravings.

Honnis’ assignment as a commissioned photographer of the Russell & Sturgis Company, a prominent sugar-cane corporation of the time, enabled him to compile panoramic photographs of Spanish Manila and the Pasig River (Vistas de Manila, or Views of Manila). Barretto, Francisco Pertierra, Manuel Arias Rodriquez, L.

Other pioneers of the photography business in the Philippines – apart from Sinibaldo de Mas and W. Wood – were a Dutch photographer named Francisco van Camp, Manuel Maidin, Pedro Picón, a German photographer named Enrique Schüren, C. González, and an American photographer named Dean Conant Worcester.

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The beginnings of photography in the Philippines date back to the 1840s with two preserved daguerreotypes, one of Intramuros, Manila showing a flag and a portrait of the photographer himself named W. The first written record of the employ of photography in the Philippines, however, was mentioned in an 1843 book written by a Spaniard traveler, diplomat and poet, Sinibaldo de Mas.

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It is believed that de Mas used a daguerreotype camera in 1841.

The use of photography became more common in Manila and the rest of the Philippines from the year 1860 onwards.

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