Who is peyton r list dating

She has a twin brother, Spencer List and a younger brother called as Phoenix List. The List family moved to New York when Peyton was just four years old. S.58 Carroll elementary school, Brooklyn and later at the New Voices School of Academic and Creative Arts, New York.

She was at Oak Park High School, California where she completed her graduation.

Sabrina is audibly touched, joking, "It's only taken three years," to which Corey responded, "Yeah but, we've finally got that place where I could open up to you." As much as you're trying to resist it, a little part of your heart is probably getting ready to ship them so hard!

Because did you see the look in his eyes when he said it all? They're pretty epic OTP material, but we're sure that this totally sweet moment between Sabrina and Cory was just a friendly bonding moment.

Peyton List lives in Los Angeles, the United States with her parents and two brothers. Presently she is single and concentrating on her career.

She played a Young Becky in The Sorcerer's Apprentice in 2010. She has a twin brother named Spencer as well as a younger brother named Phoenix, who she moved to New York with when she was four.

I look forward to seeing both Miller and Purcell return in symptomatic.

Project, and finally that cliff-hanger ending alluding to the introduction of Snart’s little sister the Golden Glider (played by The Tomorrow People‘s Peyton List).

*tear*The two stars have kept the reason they split pretty private (just like they kept their relationship), but they both seem to be moving on, at least based on their Instagrams. Even though Sabrina and Cory are already close friends, the time they've spent together working on the play together has clearly made them even closer based on the most adorable video Sabrina just shared of them on her Insta.

In it, Corey tells her, "This morning I realized that I love you," point blank.

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