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If you've tried the above recommendations and your computer continues to freeze at the DMI message, it may be a sign that one of your hardware components is malfunctioning.

Before replacing any hardware, we first recommend you erase everything on the hard drive and start over.

You can enable or disable storage multipathing in Xen Center using the Multipathing tab on the server's Properties dialog.

Before you enable multipathing: RDAC configuration is required by many storage vendors.

Enable target mode for each adapter or interface you want to use for target service with the following command (where X is the WWN seperated by colons for example ":1b:bd:32": Create a security group for the devices that will be using your target.

For example, I will name my security group esxi because my esxi servers will be connecting to openfiler for their datastores.

Start the scst service by executing: Don't mind the errors.

-d $ ]; then echo "Error: $ is not a directory" exit 1 fi fi echo -n "Current home directory: " ldapsearch -LLL -s base -x -b "uid=$,$" home Directory | grep home Directory | awk '' if [ -z "$" ]; then exit fi ldapmodify -x -D $ -W I set the user's home directory to /usr/local/slimserver and the shell to /bin/ash, but neither probably makes much difference as long as they are valid.

Now go to Accounts → Administration → Group Administration. Now go to Accounts → Administration → User Administration and create a new user named "slimsrv". Now we need to change the user's login shell and home directory so that the account is usable to run the server. You'll have to edit the BINDDN and BASEDN variables in each script to match your configuration. -ne 0 ]; then echo "Error: User $ not found in LDAP server" exit 1 fi if [ -n "$" ]; then grep -q -E -e "^$$" /etc/shells if [ $?

-ne 0 ]; then echo "Error: $ not found in /etc/shells" exit 1 fi fi echo -n "Current shell: " ldapsearch -LLL -s base -x -b "uid=$,$" login Shell | grep login Shell | awk '' if [ -z "$" ]; then exit fi ldapmodify -x -D $ -W /dev/null if [ $?

You need to find the wwn of every server that you want to connect to the openfiler server using fiber channel (Will use these WWN as W).

This article shows you how to use the Open-i SCSI Initiator software to add a new volume on Linux from an i SCSI target; namely Openfiler.

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