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The population density was 1,093.0 people per square mile (422.2/km²).

There were 1,331 housing units at an average density of 476.8/sq mi (184.2/km²).

Fox also played high school basketball in Warsaw, Indiana.

After two seasons (1984–1986) at Warsaw, Fox was projected to have a very successful senior season.

North Carolina Highway 50 (Memorial Drive) intersects US 117 at the north end of town and leads east 8 miles (13 km) to Kenansville, the Duplin County seat.

Route 117 passes through the center of town as Pine Street; it leads north 30 miles (48 km) to Goldsboro and south 19 miles (31 km) to Wallace.

As people waded in chest-high floodwaters, Houston turned its main convention center into a shelter Sunday, evoking memories of Hurricane Katrina, when breached levees in New Orleans stranded tens of thousands of people in squalid conditions at that city's football stadium and convention center.Elected officials have vowed to heed the lessons from Katrina in 2005, when about 30,000 evacuees spent days packed inside the sweltering Superdome with limited power and water and a roof that was shredded in the howling wind.The fiasco exposed the failure of both the city and federal government to prepare adequately for the storm. WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump sought to showcase the federal government's response to Hurricane Harvey in a tweetstorm of his own Sunday, marveling over its size like a TV host and announcing a visit to Texas with the natural disaster only just beginning to take its catastrophic toll.In a series of tweets, Trump said his administration was handling its responsibilities well and, in a tangential aside, hawked a book on race and crime in America written by a supporter."Wow - Now experts are calling #Harvey a once in 500 year flood! " He later added: "Even experts have said they've never seen one like this!

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