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They can be tangible assets such as physical property, or intangible assets, such as a copyright.

Fixed assets commonly include: land owned by a company, manufacturing plants, and larger types of equipment.

The discount for long-term and fixed assets is something with which we (and we suspect other Grahamite / asset / liquidation investors) struggle.

The term 'fixed assets' refers specifically to assets that cannot be converted easily or quickly into cash.

Fixed assets are purchased by a company and registered as a fixed asset if they are not expected to be sold or converted to cash within a year's time.

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motor vehicles, furniture, office equipment, computers, etc.

Average rental yields were 3.1 per cent, as of May 2017, for top six cities in...

We’ve recently received several questions about our valuation methodology.

Compared to fixed assets, which are relatively more difficult to liquidate, current assets are easier to convert into cash.

The reason why fixed assets are less liquid in na...

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