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Erudite eggheads who know their William Shakespeare (and, yes, their William Shatner).

Horn-rimmed hotties who can recite pithy passages from Milton or "The Apartment" or even the Frigidaire manual -- as long as they do it in French.

FIND ASSISTED LIVING, Nursing Homes, Alzheimer’s Care, and Home Health Care.

Penny, Columbia ’72 MBA, CFP (Certified Financial Planner).

Finally, a place where profiles would be spelled correctly (nothing kills passion faster than a guy who spells it with a "u"), a site where people had intellectual interests (politics! First on my list was Intellect, a free and fairly new dating site for "thinkers, brainiacs and the intellectually curious." Slapping together a quick profile, I searched for men within 10 years of my age and 50 miles of my ZIP code (or was it the other way around?

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But ask me, a single New Yorker who has spent way too many evenings watching Brady Bunch reruns on Nick at Nite, and I’ll tell you that I’ve passed plenty of time at parties, gyms, clubs and bars I still haven’t met my prince.Here are some thoughts about how you can use business cards to pick up women (or men).One of the more clever and entertaining ways to do this would be to have ...It’s OK—good, even—to have fewer choices, so long as they’re better ones. If you’re highly educated and seeking a highly educated partner, Right Stuff Dating (“The Ivy League of Dating”) may be right for you.People who want to date British guys may, naturally, want to check out Date British

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