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Baptism is immediately followed by two hours of prayer during which the child receives the holy secrets, called “Tanawel”.

The parents then celebrate with their friends and relatives as they offer them sweets.

It is my role to fight, with the grace of God, to win back that territory and restore it to its rightful uses. Yet these small facts have You allowed me to see in Your mercy, O Lord, that did not destroy me quickly, but gives me chance after chance.

And now, my Lord, help me to put on paper some aids, exercises and methods You are trying to teach my stubborn and sinful soul.

Egyptian began to be written in the Coptic alphabet, an adaptation of the Greek alphabet with the addition of six or seven signs from demotic to represent Egyptian sounds the Greek language did not have, in the first century AD.

Several distinct Coptic dialects are identified, the most prominent of which are Sahidic, originating in parts of Upper Egypt, and Bohairic, originally from the western Nile Delta in Lower Egypt.

The desire for physical intimacy is holy, intended for use within a whole-person loving, caring and giving relationship with one’s spouse.

The devil invaded this territory and corrupted the use of that desire.

That is:- Purity comes not my own strength and struggle, but through your protection and aid.The term remenkhēmi/remenkēme meaning 'Egyptian', literally 'person of Egypt', is a compound of rem-, which is the construct state of the Coptic noun /timentaiguption/ ('Egyptian language').The term logos ən aiguptios ('Egyptian language') is also attested in Sahidic, but logos and aiguptios are both Greek in origin.I often forget and peter out in my practice of these as time trundles on, so a written record is a good reminder to me…Purity means regaining the territory God gave me, and the devil invaded and corrupted.

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