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Any licensee who fails to register by the beginning of the registration period may be required to pay an additional fee for late filing in the amount of .00 for each month that the registration has been delayed. In the event a physician has registered as inactive and wishes to resume his or her practice after an inactive period, the physician must at that time register with the Registration Unit. A physician should notify the Department of Education’s Registration Unit of any change of name or mailing address within 30 days of each change.

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The NY state budget deal restored funding for the New York State Physician Profile website.Stat Law® Q&A - The American Health Care Act in the Senate - June 5, 2017 Stat Law® Q&A -Comprehensive Primary Care Plus - May 23, 2017 Stat Law® Q&A - The American Health Care Act - May 9, 2017 Stat Law® Q&A - Improper Prescribing of CDS Not Taken Lightly - May 2, 2017 Stat Law® Q&A - The Ins and Outs of Hospital Rates and How They Affect Healthcare Costs - April 25, 2017 Stat Law® Q&A - CMS Proposes Changes, Improvements Throughout the Medicare Program - April 18 2017 To Avoid Reduction in Medicare Payment in 2019 - You Must Act Quickly In 2017! - January 10, 2017 OPMC Reporter - Winter 2017 Overtime Pay Final Rule’s Salary Level Test Revised; Effective December 31, 2016by: Donald R. Stat Law® Q&A - DEA Reverses Announced Change to Registration Renewal Process - December 27,2016 Stat Law® Q&A - DEA Announces New Procedure for Renewal of Registrations - December 20, 2016 Stat Law® Q&A - Trump's Plans for the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid Taking Shape - December 6, 2016 Stat Law® Q&A - President Elect Donald Trump Nominates Rep.Tom Price as HHS Secretary - November 29, 2016 Stat Law® Q&A - CMS Launches Quality Payment Program Education Site - November 22, 2016 Stat Law® Q&A - The New Jersey “Out-of-Network Consumer Protection, Transparency, Cost Containment and Accountability Act” - November 8, 2016 Stat Law® Q&A - The Current Pace of Hospital Mergers - November 1, 2016 Overtime Pay Final Rule Effective December 1, 2016 Will Result in More Employees Entitled to Overtime Payby: Donald R. MSSNY requested that NYS DOH provide additional education before bringing misconduct charges against any physician, but NYS DOH stated that it has worked for over a year to educate physicians concerning their responsibility to update their physician profiles, and because of the continuing failure or refusal of some physicians to update their profiles, NYS DOH believes it has no recourse but to start bringing professional misconduct charges against some physicians.For additional information regarding the Physician Profile requirement, see NY Statlaw January 2014 and NYS DOH website OPMC Reporter - Spring 2017 SBME Reporter - Spring 2017 Stat Law® Q&A - Efforts to Reduce Opioid Addiction are on the Rise - March 28, 2017 Stat Law® Q&A - Justice Department Investigating Large Insurers for Medicare Fraud - March 21, 2017 Stat Law® Q&A - CMS Updates Market Saturation and Utilization Data tool - March 7, 2017 Stat Law® Q&A - President Trump Meets with Insurance Executives to Discuss Affordable Care Act Replacement - February 28, 2017 Stat Law® Q&A - CMS Awards 0 Million for MACRA Training - February 21, 2017 Stat Law® Q&A - CMS Extends Deadline for 2016 Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) Electronic Health Record (EHR) Submission - February 7, 2017 Stat Law® Q&A - Aetna-Humana Deal Blocked - January 31, 2017 Stat Law® Q&A - President Trump Signs Executive Order on Affordable Care Act - January 24, 2017 The Non-Profit Revitalization Act of 2013: What You Need to Knowby: Donald R. Legal Update: Terminating the Physician-Patient Relationship Due To a Parent's Choice Not to Vaccinate: Key Considerations Featured in the Winter 2016 Issue of New Jersey Pediatrics Stat Law® Q&A - What Will Happen to the Affordable Care Act?

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