Bach trombone serial number dating chart

*1980 - 1986 serial numbers are for student trumpet and cornets only.Other cup mouthpiece serial numbers are not available at this time.Orders may be placed in whatever manner is most convenient for you, via phone call to 800-558-3226 during regular business hours, via fax to 800-800-6189, via email to [email protected] may use this Customer Order Form for your convenience.This article is a complete revision to Reference 1.Since the original version was written, the authors discovered an additional bell marking arrangement.These online catalogs will enable us to get you information on our latest parts and tools as quickly as possible.

Some horns have "New York 67" as the location on the bell and are sometimes mistaken for a "67" bell model, however 67 was the pre-zipcode postal code for the Bronx.

These bell markings hold special meaning for those who play and collect older Bach instruments.

They help identify the characteristics of an instrument, relate those characteristics to the evolution of Bach's designs and judge whether the instrument has significant historical interest.

The Vincent Bach Corporation is an American manufacturer of brass musical instruments that began early in the twentieth century and still exists as a subsidiary of Conn-Selmer, a division of Steinway Musical Instruments.

The company was founded in 1918 by Austrian-born trumpeter Vincent Schrotenbach (Vincent Bach).

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