Dynamic text updating cs5

The problem is, whenever I try to update the text, its not showing the new number. I print the score to the console, and the score has the proper number, so it is not as if score suddenly became null. I guess you're using CS5.5 because you are doing more graphical work than programming? Sorry for my lack of communication but I figured out the problem.

When I start the game: current Score = "Score: " score; and the text field shows "Score: 0"; When an enemy is killed: current Score = "Score: " score; and the text field shows "Score: "; I have current Score set to dynamic text, single line, Verdana, 15pt font. The problem was that the font in the label was set to a "bitmap font".

This same code works in Flash CS4, but when i do it in CS5.5, i get nothin. I changed this option to "use device fonts" and it is working properly now. If you are having a similar problem, just select the textfield, and in properties on the right, select use device fonts.

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When I roll over the buttons on the main timeline, I can send the playhead to the appropriate label in the text box MC.To do that, I attached the following code to the button instances (the code below is for instance1): But you gave me an idea!I can change the text box an MC with different labels.Ideally, I'd like to have a series of prompts guide the user (not Adobe proficient) through selecting/entering their marginalia and display the appropriate template with all the text populated and ready for the content. A few more details that would help answer your question: - Does the information in question appear multiple times throughout the doc?I have no idea what functionality to leverage to do this or if this is even possible. - Are you using both Illustrator and In Design or trying to decide between the two?

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