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These releases provide important updates for your system and devices such as printers, scanners and peripherals.It's important to ensure that you have the latest drivers to prevent hardware problems and maintain the performance of your computer and devices.firewall, anti virus or automatic updating being restricted or turned off).This gave more control for the user and allowed greater management of these critical features.Released globally in October 2001, it quickly became a success, selling over 400 million copies by January 2006.Its popularity stood the test of the introduction of Windows Vista in early 2007, as it was considered more user friendly and had a higher level of development compatibility than its successor.

It is the technological successor to Windows 2000, not Windows 9x/Me. Well, Microsoft has been working for almost a decade at melding its consumer-oriented 9x line with NT.

It is absolutely true — you can still download Windows XP.

Microsoft knows that web developers always have a need to test their websites on a variety of browsers and OS. readers) between the “P” and the “V,” and press Enter. Just like your host PC, the virtual machine has a specific boot order. Older versions of Virtual Box relied on the manual entry of network configurations.

A new Security Center dashboard, was one of the flagship changes.

The facility launched itself automatically to warn of weaknesses in the system (i.e.

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