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Aktuell gibt es zwar noch keine weiteren Details zum Spiel, Rising Star Games hat aber bereits versprochen, dass es zur E3 2017 im Juni eine spielbare Version des Titels geben wird.

Hier können wir dann höchstwahrscheinlich auch viele neue Informationen erfahren, möglicherweise sogar ein Release-Datum.

As it turns out, you really enjoyed yourself and even befriended a young girl, and a puppy, who you spent the holiday with since your grandfather was too busy working on the farm.

Now, as an adult, you’ve returned to that same farm following your grandfather’s death.

Dabei wird sich Light of Hope laut Aussagen der Entwickler wieder auf die Wurzeln besinnen und viele der altbekannten Farm- und Dating-Features aus den Vorgängern wiederherstellen.

Darüber hinaus will man nostalgische Töne einfangen, bedeutsame Charaktere und eine fesselnde Geschichte schreiben und das alles im Rahmen eines Spiels im SNES-Stil verpacken.

Das Spiel richtet sich ganz explizit an Freunde der früheren Harvest-Moon-Spiele, welche insbesondere auf dem SNES und Gameboy großen Anklang fanden.

Später wurden auch die Konsolen mit neuen 3D-Ablegern bedient, der PC ging allerdings bisher leer aus.

Because you can use the ‘Escape’ Rune Ability to teleport to your bedroom easily, you could theoretically place a telecommunicator in your bedroom and have an instantly convenient ‘teleport wherever you want, whenever you want’ device.” Forming social relationships is a big part of many games, and sometimes, those friendships turn to love.

AWL fans enjoyed its relaxed pace and contained, relatively small setting, populated by its comparatively tiny, oddball cast.

The second, composed of Friends of Mineral Town advocates, rejects the calm of A Wonderful Life and the enormous breadth of Magical Melody in favour of a beautifully made, portable and pure Harvest Moon experience, which mixes its social aspects with the classic grinding of Harvest Moons past.

It managed to fix things about the series that I hadn't even realized were wrong; where previous Harvest Moons had been all about the satisfying grind to get the farm up to standard, this one put much more emphasis on becoming part of the town by making friends, encouraging new residents to move in, supporting the local businesses and sizing up the ten (ten! Farming felt like your character's day job, and not like the entire purpose of their existence. I am opposed, naturally, by two other schools of Harvest Moon fandom.

The first, usually relatively new players, prefers A Wonderful Life, which, though shunned by many longer-term fans of the series, achieved enormous acclaim from others.

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