Usps priority mail international tracking not updating

I have packages to Libya and Zimbabwe make it more often than Germany.I think I am going to put Germany on my blocked sales list.It is not difficult to read a tag that says which floor to deliver a package to, and yet with the notice on the door and the packages having clear addresses printed, our neighbors end up with more sensitive materials that need to be delivered properly and with care, rather than laziness and incompetence, one fine example, I had found a large envelope addressed to me, rubber-banned on the outside of my neighbor's mailbox, the tag clearly said it was for my address and floor, I am far from impressed.

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With the help of the tracking number provided on the receipt, you can easily track the location of USPS priority mail.

So in case if you want to track your USPS priority mail then you should use your tracking number.

The tracking number is given to each and every customer who uses the services of USPS.

You can't track packages in the UK or France either but they have a higher arrival rate and buyers are honest. @Sneakee Sometimes it's your own domestic postal service that gives the most grief.

Early December 2010 90% of items shipped from Tacoma to other parts of the West Coast all went astray. Ad dont start me on the UK or Australian ( complete lack of) postal services.

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