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It took a lot of active mismanagement and folly to keep Pipes from living up to its promise.

Hats off to psadri and the other Pipes creators for a really stellar piece of work.

You might also cover film, music or any other special interest area in a mashed-up feed.

(In Chapter 17 of Multimedia Journalism we look at how we can use the RSS feeds we create to feed into a mobile phone app.)Among them are feeds for Mail Online coverage of many celebrities.

Unfortunately, if none of those apply, you're out of luck trying to do it completely client-side. ) Let's pretend that none of the roadblocks apply to you and look at a simple example. You can literally run SQL like content against URLs and get formatted data out of it. I tested with two different RSS flavors and YQL had no issue handling either. I copied that into a new file: And it worked like a charm. And here is the result: A big thank you to Addy Osmani from Google for reminding me that YQL was still around.

(As a quick note, none of my sample code will actually render anything. They provide a powerful testing console and wouldn't you know it, one of the examples is a RSS parser: Just in case that screenshot is a bit too small, here is what the YQL statement looks like: I've got one word for that. Google, I forgive you for killing the Feed API now.

You can combine your own output with that from other specialists in your field, giving readers Your feeds need to come from a closely targeted area.

That might be localities, if you have a local or hyperlocal site; an area of business activity if you are creating a B2B news product; or other news sources if you are covering a topic nationally or internationally.

To use it you simply add a new script to your code and then use feednami.load() to get your feed. If you've used any of these in production, drop me a comment below with your thoughts!

If you are a showbiz reporter, and want to create a mashup RSS feed from a range of key stars, this is a good starting point.

You’d also need to identify other sources of news on the celebrities you have chosen.

I’ve also started an archive of the #oerri tweets which is looking sparse now but will grow over time.

Something I was interested in trying out was to see if there was a way to dynamically create a word cloud from a RSS feed.

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