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Yet music legend Quincy Jones claims he's the victim of financial elder abuse in the court battle over Michael Jackson royalties. According to , Quincy says Sony Music and MJJ Productions took advantage of his age and pulled an accounting trick that screwed him out of a large chunk of revenue from a number of hits he produced.

this week, and now reports are saying the record producer has filed a new claim against MJ's estate.

She holds an America nationality and belongs to black ethnicity. She knew him for over sixteen months before they were seen together in Australia. Bernice Burgos’ Instagram account is full of sexy pictures of her at the gym and of her showcasing her latest designs.HB: Which models do you look up to in the industry? Gigi [Hadid], she's so amazing I feel like she just changed the whole industry. I also think if you're in the city too long you crave that chill environment and that's what L. HB: What do you like to do for fun when you're not working?I love Adriana Lima, Taylor Hill, Naomi Campbell—I could go on and on. KKJ: I'm kind of in-between because I'm from Los Angeles, and I just graduated from college. KKJ: I've been riding horses for most of my life, I have my horse Deeter in Topanga Canyon it's in Malibu—it's like a little getaway, really peaceful.Well here's the second installment of the above mentioned special edition series here on "The Chocolate Chick".... Found the performance on YT, but the vid ends right at the end of the performance. Peter Lawford & Dorothy Dandridge Peter Lawford was a very popular actor, he married into the Kennedy family when he wed John F. However prior to Patricia, Lawford was in love with Dorothy Dandridge and folks say she was the love of his life.because you know mainstream media won't tell you ish about celebrity non-black men dating women of color. Due to the obvious racism during those days, the two ended their relationship to protect their careers.

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