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You can also put an control to display details for a selected employee. In a simple scenario, you can put user controls inside an update panel and they will be refreshed when the contents of the update panel are updated. This whitepaper is based on the Beta 2 release of the . Remember that Pages are stateless, and so you should re-register these controls every time they are created.

To achieve this, we use the Page_Load event handler for the control with the following code: This code is the interesting part: the first line, where we call the Script Manager.

In order to explain how you could go about doing such a thing, I have created a simpler example (although you can look into the keywords feature described here for see a more complex usage).

The sample I will walk you through looks like the following screen-shot: it consists of two bar like indicators that will show how much of a total value is used up – this can be business data, metrics, pressure, anything else you want.

However, if the parent Update Panel is refreshed, then the child Update Panel will also be refreshed.

When working in the markup editor in Visual Studio, you may notice (from Intelli Sense) that there are two child elements of an , and can specify any Control within the current unit of encapsulation (for instance, if your Update Panel control resides within a Web User Control, you should not attempt to reference a Control on the Page on which the User Control will reside).

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