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Opioids have caused an epidemic in the United States when it comes to drug abuse, and many individuals become addicted to these medications long before they even realize it.

When this occurs, treatment in a rehab program that utilizes behavioral therapy and medication is almost always necessary.

The city is also considered one of the best places to find a job when you have a college degree in hand.

Seeing a whole weekend of six new plays can get to be a near obsession, but fans of Future Fest are eager to be yearly participants.

Five theatre professional from all over the country judge the work; finalists are selected from among the 200 or so submitted scripts, and the six playwrights are brought to the Dayton Playhouse, this year July 20–23, to see their words come to life on stage.

In this situation, one partner thinks things need work, and the other partner thinks things are fine.

Our Relationship Tune-Up Program is geared for this kind of couple. There are entrances to our parking lot from Austin and from Success Lane.

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