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She was settling into a new career as a nurse; he had just bought a new Dodge Ram pickup truck.‘Apparently we were excited about the World Series,’ Erica says.‘This whole thing with Giovanni blew up in my face.I couldn’t believe it could all go so wrong, so fast.Ahead of the release of the drama, Richards and Zak, along with producer Katherine Fisher, sat down with The Times to discuss creating “Her Story” and pulling together a team of primarily trans and queer women to get the job done.So tell me, how did the idea for this series come about?So the core origin was our chemistry and friendship and learning more about each other’s community.

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Denying she broke the unwritten girl code (everyone knows it is not cool to date a good friend’s ex), The Whitmore remains resolute that nothing is going on between her and Gio, but admits speculation is crushing her ambitions. My relationship with Giovanni is completely professional.’ Laura – who split from Rory Williams who is the frontman of chart flop band Sunset Sons earlier this year – is saddened that her footwork has suffered as a consequence of the ongoing rumours. I’m so self-conscious I haven’t allowed myself to develop a proper partnership with Giovanni,’ she laments.A lot of people probably scored home runs on Wednesday night.If history is any indication, there likely will be a baby boom in Chicago following a World Series win by the Cubs.A source revealed: “Laura knows the Game of Thrones cast well, especially Kit, and got to know Richard through those connections.She has been telling friends she is excited by the new romance.

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