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Design The Treo 650 is primarily made of plastic but has a overall solid feel.

The edges and corners of the device are all smooth and slightly rounded.Documents-to-Go is also bundled with it -- so I can view and edit Microsoft Office documents with on.It also comes with Versa Mail (for email management) and Blazer (for websurfing).After Palm released its Windows Mobile-powered Treo 700w in January this year, some Palm OS aficionados feared it might mark the end of their favourite operating system, but the 700p sees the company sticking with the highly capable - if rather elderly - Palm OS 5.4.9 OS.With a feature set marrying up with the Windows version, the 700p comes with EV-DO, a 312MHz Xscale CPU processor, beefed-up 128MB flash memory (60MB usable), streaming audio/video, an upgraded 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and a SDIO slot. Way back in the midst of time, a Palm executive faithfully promised us that the Treo 650 would support SDIO wi-fi cards, but the long, long wait for the (non-existent) Treo-compatible Wi Fi card to materialise saw us shift over to the Windows mobile platform.

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