Scorpio female dating scorpio male

We have made a pact to be lifetime friends and I regard him as my best friend.

We are like peas in a pod because we understand where the other is coming from.

Watch out for paranoia and secrets, It really boils down to something as simple as whether they want it to.

It’s 50/50 between the Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man couple who needlessly put their connection on ice, and others who have found sincere reasons to meet each other halfway in bliss.

Scorpio and Scorpio combo could achieve anything they set their minds on, and they have awesome power to make the impossible a reality.

These two Power Signs can work well together as long as they learn to channel their energy constructively.

To avoid this altogether, they move very slowly in the beginning with one another. The physical side may move very fast considering they will both be sexually drawn towards one another, but they will very cautiously give their hearts away.

They will have to be open minded to understand that just because they share the same nature, it doesn’t mean they are allowed to be the same person.This will make each one of them suspicious of the others motive as they know that a Scorpio can never be fully trusted.In a relationship between a Scorpio and another Scorpio they will bestow more compassion and forgiveness to each other than either will ever grant to anyone else.Scorpios find comfort in assuming the worst, leaving other people to surprise them for the better.Anyone who isn’t a complete let-down is a bonus to these two.

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