Warning signs dating violence

More than eight million girls per year in just the United States will be abused by a violent boyfriend by their eighteenth birthday.

Also, every nine seconds a teenage girl is battered by the person she is in a relationship with.

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that one out of five female high school students reported being physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner. These are staggering statistics, which is why as an advocate and counselor for survivors of intimate partner violence, I believe prevention is such a key part of the work that we do.The abuser can do this by making hurtful comments such as: "I don't know why I'm still with you." "Your ugly and to fat/to skinny." "Nobody wants you." "Your stupid." Another example of verbal/emotional abuse is when a boyfriend gives his girlfriend a pager or cell phone and tells them it's a gift.Some boyfriends however use it as a way to stay in constant contact with their girlfriends.ut of all the fears we have as parents, we rarely fear our children will end up the victim of violence, especially in their dating relationships. The following is a guest post by Allison Schultz, a therapist for a domestic violence agency in Oregon.Because of the nature of her job, and the confidentiality of individuals involved, she has requested that no contact information be publicized here.: I recognize that both males and females can perpetrate abuse and both males and females can be victims/survivors of abuse.

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