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From Bentley to Mc Laren, Ferrari to Pagani, and Lamborghini to Porsche, the next wave of exotics will debut at the show.

Approximately 17 percent of women who participated in the most recent administered by the Australian Bureau of Statistics said they had been physically or sexually assaulted by a past or current partner on at least one occasion since the age of 15 and five percent of male respondents reported similarly (ABS 2013).

Tokyo- this city recently topped the list of safest cities in the world in the safe cities index 2015 listed by The Economist.

Bund- the district of Shanghai in China, where many people died recently, in stampede during the New Year celebrations.

Cuba-the country to which the US President Barrack Obama recently made a historic visit.

He became the first President to visit Cuba in 88 years after he agreed in 2014 to improve relations with the Cold War foe.

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