Regina lesbian dating

"It used to bother me, and now I say, ' OK, if people believe it, there's nothing we can do to change their minds.' Oprah has been so outspoken and I have about my dating life, my desire to have a significant other, that it's just silly that we would deny or hide that because it implies something is wrong," she says.

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King, 55, tells USA Today she was in Tasmania when she watched the ABC TV special in which Winfrey, 56, described her as "the mother I never had. "Why would she say, ' You're the mother I never had?! It just is." As for all that speculation that the women are more than friends, King says she could care less.

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Oprah Winfrey wasn't the only one moved to tears as she told Barbara Walters about her friendship with Gayle King.

The FBI previously investigated Mateen, a security guard, for 11 months for telling co-workers in 2013 that he had relatives connected to Al Qaeda, the Sunni Muslim extremist group, while claiming he was a member of Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite militia, Comey said. The FBI also briefly investigated Mateen in 2014 on suspicion of watching videos by Al Qaeda propagandist Anwar Awlaki and for attending a mosque in Florida with a man who later became a suicide bomber for Al Nusra Front in Syria, which also opposes Islamic State. Comey defended his agents’ work but said the agency would still conduct a review.“We know that this killing is upsetting to all Americans.

We hope that our fellow Americans will not let fear become disabling,” Comey said.

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